Saturday, November 26, 2011

"Singin' in the Rain"

Singin' in the Rain © Beth Stafford 2011

Cassie is now off her meds and getting her hair back after getting a few bald spots from the months on prednisone, but her joints are too creaky to let her jump in her chairs to paint the windows, so the front storm door is her only "canvas" now. When I got ready to photograph her latest work, there were a bunch of parallel wavy lines that didn't look like my dog's usual style. Upon closer inspection, I realized that they were on the outside of the door. We've had a lot of rain lately, and Cassie has a "raincoat" made out of a large trash bag (she hates to get wet!). When we get back to the porch, I take it off, shake it, and hang it on the door handle. The bag must have blown around a little and created lines that look like music bars. Cassie had added her own wild notes and lines, so I used the stylus to "write" Singin' in the Rain - a symphony in primary colors. Fun!

Thank goodness we finally got some sunshine - Cassie likes to lie at the door during the brief time it comes in, this time of year. She's either contemplating her next stroke of genius, or thinking about a nap!

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Back to Work!

As you can see, Cassie is hard at work again after being sick most of the summer (she's dreaming up new art, I'm sure). Actually she stayed quite active at the front door, which is the only place she can really see what's going on out there since she can't jump on the furniture anymore.

Both these photos came out dark online, but I think the energy in "Crossing Off" comes through anyway. The marks reminded me of someone counting days; maybe she's counting down until she's totally off the meds - me too!

Crossing Off ©Beth Stafford 2011

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Lost in "LOST"

Blame it all on Cassie - she started me on this evolutionary journey into "LOST" art. From her original door markings, I created the print below as the series was nearing the end and titled it "Lost: Going Home", reason being that all the mysterious marks seemed to be heading upward toward the light spot in the upper left. Eventually I zeroed in on that location and did a tiny abstract for a pendant, liked it so much that I enlarged it to a 7" x 5" panel size, painted it, and then applied gold leaf to the marks for a more metaphysical quality.

Lost: Going Home

Pendant Abstract

7 x 5" panel with gold leaf

Next Phase: when I tried to photograph the panel, one photo was blurry but interesting, so of course that sent me on another tangent, and I got three more "Lost" prints with a totally new look.

Lost Abstract No. 1

Lost Abstract No. 2

Lost Abstract No. 3

THEN I just had to put one of the prints behind the old glass brick, and got four more interesting and increasingly metaphysical prints in the "Lost" series!

Lost: Black Hole

Lost: All That Remains

Lost: Redemption

Lost: Through Time and Space

About the time I finished the last ones, Cassie injured her back and got sick simultaneously, so I've been her intensive care nurse for the past month. Happy to report, she's getting better, though still not well, and is still making art! All these prints are available, though not listed anywhere but here. Interested? Contact me in a comment!

Tuesday, May 10, 2011


Captive , Version 2 ©Beth Stafford 2011

These are color trials for the latest PiCassieO. I titled it "Captive" because it came from a larger print in which the linear forms resembled a bird or butterfly caught between two vertical strips of color. My pictures loaded out of sequence (whatever can go wrong, usually does!). Version 1 has lots of cool color with my favorite black lines; in the second one I decided to switch over to a much warmer version that is a little more subdued than other recent work. Version 3 is totally changed: I inverted the image, changed the palette, and then used a filter to "paint" it. Looks like summer to me! Got a favorite? Let me know - I welcome your feedback!

Captive, Version 1 ©Beth Stafford 2011

Captive, Version 3 © Beth Stafford 2011

Of course, there's always the possibility that one or more of these will show up on Keds and other cool stuff at our Zazzle store, so drop by and have a look! Prints are always available on request if they aren't yet listed in my Etsy store or website- contact me.

Monday, April 25, 2011

The Ears Have It!

Our PiCassieO art is so colorful and unique that it lends itself to all kinds of decorative possibilities. The latest venture is earrings for the "bold of 'art" - great colors and interesting designs at a great price ($15 + 2.95 S&H). I only had four pairs made to see if the colors would be true - and the answer is YES! Unfortunately, the company is in Hong Kong (didn't know when I ordered) and unless I can find a stateside source there probably won't be anymore. One pair which featured my "Confetti" print (last post) is already sold - the other three are available at my website (click "Earrings") They are 1" button earrings with wires, and will make a great artsy fashion statement! Get 'em while they last!

Storm Door 3 Earrings by PiCassieO

Storm Door 2 Earrings by PicassieO

Under Water Earring by PiCassieO

Monday, April 18, 2011

"Confetti" - Celebrating Color!

Confetti ©Beth Stafford 2011

Confetti is one of Team PiCassieO's most colorful, joyful prints so far! I have been having so much fun with it - the colors and energy are incredible, and look fabulous on a variety of items in our expanding repetoire on Zazzle and elsewhere. The print was actually "roughed in" over a year ago, but I left it for reasons I've since forgotten (maybe it was just ripening). It was recently rediscovered and reworked, and boom - Confetti appeared! Looks like a party to me! We'll use it to celebrate Cassie's 12th birthday - she was 12 on April 12 - and hope for another good year for my wonderful friend and partner in "PiCassieO". The original print, in a limited edition of 50, is available for $30; inquire through my website.

Here are a few of the cool products on Zazzle that are adorned with Confetti:

Confetti Collectible Mug on Zazzle

Confetti iPad Case on Zazzle

Last but not least- Confetti Pro-Keds Royal Hi on Zazzle

Almost forgot - check out a new link we've listed, for all you big dogs out there! At there are dozens of high quality beds, with special attention to the needs of large breeds like my Airedale Cassie. Nothing like a good comfortable snooze for our fur babies!

Friday, March 25, 2011

Showing Off!

Cassie has been slacking off in the art department, so I've been playing with creating more products in our
Zazzle store. Lots of knock-your-socks-off Keds, with a few new items - iPad and iPhone 4 Cases! More fun stuff in the works - but you can take a look at what's there now. Hey - Cassie could use some acupuncture treatment - we need to sell some shoes!

Thursday, February 24, 2011

"Line Dance"

Line Dance © Beth Stafford 2011

Line Dance is my latest PiCassieO - to me it looked like a pair of dancers floating against a rainbow of colors. I like it so much that I reformatted it to use in my shoe designs on Zazzle .
Below is a sneak preview of my first Keds for kids featuring Line Dance. There are four other styles available for adults: Pro Keds Royal Hi, Pro Keds Royal Lo, Lace Up, and Mini Slip On.
The art was fun to make, and the shoes are fun to wear! Interested? Go to PiCassieO and check 'em out!

Are you creative? Zazzle is a fun place to use your photos or art on lots of things besides shoes. See for yourself:
Custom T-Shirts

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

's Not Bad!

's Not Bad © Beth Stafford 2011

Don't know why, but these web images always seem to be darker that the original jpeg. I couldn't resist playing with words on the title, since if you've read how these images originate, you know what "medium" Cassie uses. Anyway, the more dignified title is Enigma Variation, since the two central marks are something of an enigma (and I like the music with the same name). The colors of the original are brilliant - not nearly as dark as they appear here.

I think I know what happened just before the marks were made on the door. Cassie and I have both been sneezing a lot lately. Last week she had a really explosive fit, right at the door, and somehow managed to leave a perfect print of her nostrils on it, with a little embellishment...I got a good laugh when I saw it. The background of mats and shadows was perfect for those two dramatic marks. So now you know.

Monday, February 7, 2011

Cabin Fever!

Cabin Fever © Beth Stafford 2011

The title pretty well describes the mood around here - lots of gray, damp weather, and mud everywhere, which limits where Cassie and I can walk (when weather permits). Yesterday I tried to soak up the few hours of sunshine we had, to store it for the week ahead. Feels like the supply is already running out...but at least there is plenty of COLOR in my art to brighten the day! Cabin Fever is the result of Cassie's markings on the storm door during January. I drew over them with the stylus and then used several filters before applying a custom gradient for the color. I've used the gradient before, but the results were a total surprise - I really love the purple and orange and black combo. No subtlety here, for sure!

Sunday, January 23, 2011

"Pink Lady"

Pink Lady ©Beth Stafford 2011

To me the diaphanous pink form in this one resembles a woman (sort of an ink-blot form to be sure) - hence the title Pink Lady. This is another second-generation PiCassieO, seen and photographed through my favorite toy (my glass brick). I thought it looked familiar, and finally realized that it was the original file for my Floral Fantasia shoe in my Zazzle store. The colors are soft and subtle and the overall effect is one of tranquility. Print Number One is available - I will post it on Etsy soon, or you can contact me here.

Cassie hasn't come out of retirement yet - the cold weather isn't helping her creaky joints, so the storm door is the only place she can still work. We were iced in for almost a week - not much activity on the road or in the yard for her to comment on, since most animals (and vehicles) don't enjoy ice-skating. Our cats tried it and decided to hang out on the porch until it melted! I think the last time I photographed her marks on the door it was a collaborative effort - the cats had been pawing on the outside with their wet little feet, wanting to come in! That would definitely revive Cassie's enthusiasm, which is why they're staying outside. :)