Sunday, December 30, 2007

Whoa, Horse!

December has been too full of holiday stuff and a new project that is taking most of my time, but I had to work on this funny little fella. My sister saw an earlier version on the computer and said that was what she wanted for Christmas: it reminds her of her horse "Raymond". I had to play with it some more because the colors were a little weak. When I hit "invert", BOOM: there it was, just right
since purple is Rachel's favorite color. It looked great framed; she was really pleased.
Cassie got a squeaky tennis ball and a recycled sheep from last year, which she tore up again so it's back in the cabinet for repairs. Now she's after the stuffed Santa on the fireplace. If she tears him up, we're both in trouble. "No" means absolutely nothing to an Airedale!