Thursday, June 16, 2011

Lost in "LOST"

Blame it all on Cassie - she started me on this evolutionary journey into "LOST" art. From her original door markings, I created the print below as the series was nearing the end and titled it "Lost: Going Home", reason being that all the mysterious marks seemed to be heading upward toward the light spot in the upper left. Eventually I zeroed in on that location and did a tiny abstract for a pendant, liked it so much that I enlarged it to a 7" x 5" panel size, painted it, and then applied gold leaf to the marks for a more metaphysical quality.

Lost: Going Home

Pendant Abstract

7 x 5" panel with gold leaf

Next Phase: when I tried to photograph the panel, one photo was blurry but interesting, so of course that sent me on another tangent, and I got three more "Lost" prints with a totally new look.

Lost Abstract No. 1

Lost Abstract No. 2

Lost Abstract No. 3

THEN I just had to put one of the prints behind the old glass brick, and got four more interesting and increasingly metaphysical prints in the "Lost" series!

Lost: Black Hole

Lost: All That Remains

Lost: Redemption

Lost: Through Time and Space

About the time I finished the last ones, Cassie injured her back and got sick simultaneously, so I've been her intensive care nurse for the past month. Happy to report, she's getting better, though still not well, and is still making art! All these prints are available, though not listed anywhere but here. Interested? Contact me in a comment!