Monday, December 27, 2010

Keds by PiCassieO!

Just wanted to give you a peek at our super-colorful Keds shoes that are in our new store PiCassieO! These tiny pics don't do 'em justice, so click on over - there are lots more, including some outrageous hi tops! Treat your feet to some artsy fun!

Happy Holidays from Cassie and Beth!

Wednesday, December 1, 2010


Drifting © Beth Stafford 2010

Drifting is yet another composition from the work with the glass brick and Jacob's Weaving. I have had so much fun with the colors and shapes in this one! For LOST fans, the print I started with was called Lost: Jacob's Weaving, because one of Cassie's scribbles looked like an Egyptian hieroglyph similar to those on the tapestry Jacob was working on when MIB disposed of him. Of course it's unrecognizable after being distorted by the wavy glass brick, but it led to a totally different world of work (seems appropriate, after all!)

Another new world for PiCassieO : Custom-made shoes - art for the feet with PiCassieO all over! See them at PiCassieO! These Keds Slip Ons and Lace Ups will stand out in any crowd - outrageously colorful, true to our art. Each pair is custom-made and takes 3-4 weeks. FYI: good idea to try on the style at your favorite shoe store which carries the brand to make sure of your size!