Monday, April 25, 2011

The Ears Have It!

Our PiCassieO art is so colorful and unique that it lends itself to all kinds of decorative possibilities. The latest venture is earrings for the "bold of 'art" - great colors and interesting designs at a great price ($15 + 2.95 S&H). I only had four pairs made to see if the colors would be true - and the answer is YES! Unfortunately, the company is in Hong Kong (didn't know when I ordered) and unless I can find a stateside source there probably won't be anymore. One pair which featured my "Confetti" print (last post) is already sold - the other three are available at my website (click "Earrings") They are 1" button earrings with wires, and will make a great artsy fashion statement! Get 'em while they last!

Storm Door 3 Earrings by PiCassieO

Storm Door 2 Earrings by PicassieO

Under Water Earring by PiCassieO

Monday, April 18, 2011

"Confetti" - Celebrating Color!

Confetti ©Beth Stafford 2011

Confetti is one of Team PiCassieO's most colorful, joyful prints so far! I have been having so much fun with it - the colors and energy are incredible, and look fabulous on a variety of items in our expanding repetoire on Zazzle and elsewhere. The print was actually "roughed in" over a year ago, but I left it for reasons I've since forgotten (maybe it was just ripening). It was recently rediscovered and reworked, and boom - Confetti appeared! Looks like a party to me! We'll use it to celebrate Cassie's 12th birthday - she was 12 on April 12 - and hope for another good year for my wonderful friend and partner in "PiCassieO". The original print, in a limited edition of 50, is available for $30; inquire through my website.

Here are a few of the cool products on Zazzle that are adorned with Confetti:

Confetti Collectible Mug on Zazzle

Confetti iPad Case on Zazzle

Last but not least- Confetti Pro-Keds Royal Hi on Zazzle

Almost forgot - check out a new link we've listed, for all you big dogs out there! At there are dozens of high quality beds, with special attention to the needs of large breeds like my Airedale Cassie. Nothing like a good comfortable snooze for our fur babies!