Monday, March 17, 2008

Cassie's "Inspirations"

The sun's angle hasn't been cooperating lately through Cassie's favorite "studio windows", so we haven't been doing much art this winter. Slowly the light is changing and the animals are roaming; we should be back in business soon! In the meantime, I thought I'd post these shots of some of her quary.

Several weeks ago I was teaching a painting class upstairs, and happened to gaze out towards the woods. There were three or four deer moseying through, so I alerted my students and grabbed my camera, being careful not to alarm my napping dog. The first ones we saw went off in the woods, and then came back (I thought). There were adults and juveniles, two of which split off to investigate a crow. We watched in delight, and then in amazement: suddenly the whole yard was full of deer! Evidently the herd was on a field trip; they checked out the fruit trees and the rest of the garden area, and then as if on cue they started off in an orderly wave across the road and into the woods. It was pure magic. If Cassie had been awake, I wouldn't have these pictures!