Sunday, May 24, 2009

Milk Can May #2 (I think!)

Help - I just can't stop! There's already a #3, plus the plain old Milk Can that was posted first. This one prints beautifully, as have the others. It's becoming more and more like painting, especially with the "hands-on" involvement that the stylus affords. I salute my new medium! Have to admit, this form of my art is not getting the reception that my earlier paintings did; I'm hoping (and do believe) that attitudes toward "computer art" are changing, and that pretty soon it will be accepted as just another medium of expression. Thoughts on that? or anything else? Let me hear from you!

Cassie is blissfully unaware that a haircut is impending. So far we've had three ticks between us, so the woolly one is going to get buzzed. If you aren't familiar with ticks, I want to move wherever you are! This wet, sticky weather is their favorite, and they're out for blood. Double ugh.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Milk Can #2

Sometimes my camera just won't focus on Cassie's marks, especially when they've been rubbed a little by her fuzzy head. In this instance it didn't focus on much of anything; you'll just have to take my word for it that there was a milk can in the background. I didn't posterize the photo; instead I just drew over the marks with the stylus and then applied a custom gradient (my current favorite) and this is what happened. The background, which was out of focus, got soft and luminous so the bold black marks seem to float on top. Very satisfying! Milk Can is going to be a loooong series, I think.

Sunday, May 17, 2009

East Window With Boat

Whee - more fun! That's my sailboat at the bottom of this one; I'm really loving how the strokes, once enhanced with the stylus, merge so well with the background. Since I'm still out of ink (due to buying black instead of the tri-color cartridge) I can't proof it, so there may be more work to do.

Cassie's chief obsession at the moment is toads, which are super-abundant this year already. I am living proof that they don't give you warts - have handled hundreds of the warty things, and not one bump on my hands. In my first career, I was a pre-vet and zoology major, and did my parasitology research project with the help of six unfortunate toads. Since then as penance I've rescued them from my canine "Jaws of Death" at every opportunity. Should have started a tally sheet in April - I think this year is going to break the record. And yes, my neighbors (and family) think I'm totally nuts!

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Milk Can (No Kidding!)

I'm like a kid in a candy store, here! That mark that Cassie made on the storm door is one of her best, so Ive been photographing it from every angle : against the walk, the porch rails and posts, and the old sewing machine (porch table, now) and milk can near the door, which is where this composition happened. Last week I developed a new gradient which worked great for Milk Can - I love the bright colors and the shapes that came out. It was so exciting that I couldn't wait to post it, but it needs a little more work with the stylus before I'll print it. So much fun!

Cassie is totally unimpressed - she still has toads and turtles on her mind, not art. She's also been enjoying doing duets with our new neighbor, Champion. It's OK except when they get to singing at midnight or early in the morning - then I'd like to gag both of 'em!

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

I Love My Dog!

Yep, it's about time to redo that little red heart with a bit of PiCassieO. I just finished adding dog and human tees with an "art heart" to our Cafe Press store
( - featuring one from Sidewalk Spirits and another from All Stirred Up!. More to come, soon.

Friday, May 1, 2009

This One Takes the Cake!

No picture today, except for "Don Quixote" at the bottom (May 1), which again reminds me of the previous entry from "PiCassieO"! You'll have to make this picture in your mind. On our morning walk, Cassie and I had a close (too close!) encounter with a box turtle. I'm not really functional until that second cup of coffee, which comes after we walk, so before I could react, Cassie had that turtle locked in her jaws. She must have expandable hinges in there, because that was more than a mouthful! When I tried to wrestle it out, she shook her head and whopped me on the shin with the turtle - felt like a big fat rock! I threatened and yelled and squeezed her mouth and she finally let go so I could grab it and toss it back in the woods. I figured a slight concussion was better than being crunched. As it was, it was a soft landing, and the turtle came out better than I did; by then there was a good sized swelling on my leg. The thought of my dog hitting me with a turtle was so hilarious that the pain was nullified. Bet I'm the only person with that claim to fame!