Friday, May 1, 2009

This One Takes the Cake!

No picture today, except for "Don Quixote" at the bottom (May 1), which again reminds me of the previous entry from "PiCassieO"! You'll have to make this picture in your mind. On our morning walk, Cassie and I had a close (too close!) encounter with a box turtle. I'm not really functional until that second cup of coffee, which comes after we walk, so before I could react, Cassie had that turtle locked in her jaws. She must have expandable hinges in there, because that was more than a mouthful! When I tried to wrestle it out, she shook her head and whopped me on the shin with the turtle - felt like a big fat rock! I threatened and yelled and squeezed her mouth and she finally let go so I could grab it and toss it back in the woods. I figured a slight concussion was better than being crunched. As it was, it was a soft landing, and the turtle came out better than I did; by then there was a good sized swelling on my leg. The thought of my dog hitting me with a turtle was so hilarious that the pain was nullified. Bet I'm the only person with that claim to fame!

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