Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Totally Fauve

Totally Fauve is a good description for this one! The "Fauves" were the "wild beasts" in French art who slapped paint about with wild abandon and great exuberance. That pretty well applies to my dog and her "nose goob", especially when the wild beasts are in the yard! I get crazy with the colors, after she's had her fun on the windows.

We survived the 4th of July (and the 5th) in our bunker in the guest bath downstairs, with the radio blaring to block out the fireworks noise. Cassie went to sleep (!) and I sat there in that tiny claustrophobic space playing games on my cell phone until it was safe to come out. Only for the love of that dog.

We also survived another hit by Thor's Hammer! There were storms for several days in a row, including the 4th, but now I can't remember which day it was. You sort of get "shell-shock" after a while! Anyway, Cassie was doing her usual roaming and destruction routine and I was watching her, when there was a tremendous POW. I saw fire as I blinked from the jolt; since I was still alive and the power was on, I figured my neighbors got the worst of it. Then later during the heavy rain I looked out at the back yard and noticed a dead tree with an orange stripe running down the trunk! The lightning had hit it and knocked bark all over the place. Whew.

One reason I haven't posted lately: we now have an online store! Visit us at
http://www.cafepress.com/airedale_art . I'm adding more items ASAP - hope you will like what I've done with some of our work.