Sunday, January 23, 2011

"Pink Lady"

Pink Lady ©Beth Stafford 2011

To me the diaphanous pink form in this one resembles a woman (sort of an ink-blot form to be sure) - hence the title Pink Lady. This is another second-generation PiCassieO, seen and photographed through my favorite toy (my glass brick). I thought it looked familiar, and finally realized that it was the original file for my Floral Fantasia shoe in my Zazzle store. The colors are soft and subtle and the overall effect is one of tranquility. Print Number One is available - I will post it on Etsy soon, or you can contact me here.

Cassie hasn't come out of retirement yet - the cold weather isn't helping her creaky joints, so the storm door is the only place she can still work. We were iced in for almost a week - not much activity on the road or in the yard for her to comment on, since most animals (and vehicles) don't enjoy ice-skating. Our cats tried it and decided to hang out on the porch until it melted! I think the last time I photographed her marks on the door it was a collaborative effort - the cats had been pawing on the outside with their wet little feet, wanting to come in! That would definitely revive Cassie's enthusiasm, which is why they're staying outside. :)