Monday, October 1, 2012

My Teacher, My Friend

My beloved art partner Cassie collapsed on the stairs on July 23 when we were coming up at bedtime.  Since then I learned that she had a huge mass in her spleen in addition to the hematoma that we'd already found, plus other major problems that were contributing to her increasing weakness. Being a stoic and stubborn Airedale, she bounced back from four episodes of internal bleeding, but she finally got so weak she couldn't stand and I had to let her go.
Cassie went to sleep peacefully in my arms on Saturday, September 22, right here at home after a late lunch of her favorite stuff, including chicken, Cheerios, graham cracker, Goldfish, canteloupe (yep!) and apple. Her favorite "Dawn Treader" CD (Celtic music by our friend Jane Pope) was playing - it always soothed her during thunderstorms, and we played it a lot while she was sick too. She was surrounded by friends and family - there was so much love around her, I know she felt it. One more friend joined us about 5 PM - Dr. Jennifer Hawthorne from Lap of Love Veterinary Hospice. She made one of the most difficult days in my life a little easier, by allowing Cassie to leave this life in the place where she lived for so long. 

Cassie lives on in her art and in my heart.  She was a great teacher and my best friend. In loving memory of Cassie (a.k.a. "Cassandra, Queen of the Universe") - April 12, 1999 - September 22, 2012