Thursday, November 5, 2015

Star Gazing?

"Star Gazing"          CalliGraphy by Calli and Beth

I am beginning to have a theory about Calli's "visions" when she has her seizures - I think her nickname "space cadet" may have some justification, since star shapes frequently appear in her markings on the door. Her style is so different from my wild and crazy Cassie's; she is very quiet most of the time and her marks are a bit more controlled and less expressionistic than her predecessor's. She is rarely interested in what's happening outside - maybe this pup is an introverted, more precise personality who is recording her "notes" on her interdimensional travels. Of course, I play with what she's done, in this case using a brush to emphasize some of her lines, but all of the marks you see are hers.  I never saw stars in Cassie's work - lots of other things, but not stars - and most of the time I used whatever natural elements showed in the photographs of the storm door (trees, the porch clutter, garden or whatever) and they worked because Cassie was solidly grounded in the reality of our life here. With Calli it doesn't work, which leads me off in other directions - not really a bad idea. Here are three more of her star paintings, although you'll have to search for the tiny one in "Miley Takes a Lickin" (I used to be thought of as a "serious" artist - ha!).

 "Calli's Blue Star"  CalliGraphy by Calli and Beth

 "Flower and Star"  CalliGraphy by Calli and Beth 

"Miley Takes a Lickin"  CalliGraphy by Calli and Beth