Friday, January 22, 2010

Looking Backwards, Moving Forward

Most of my art lately has been focused on the PiCassieO Pendants; there is nothing quite as much fun as digging into older work and coming up with these little jewel-like abstracts! The source for the three above is in the archives somewhere; for a real challenge, see if you can find it! Hint: one of the three is taken directly from the original and the other two have been altered. The resulting pendants are turning out beautifully and will be listed shortly at our store.

The sun's vacation from our piece of the world is hampering my development of new art, so I'm glad I have such a wealth of material to fall back on! Cassie is semi-hibernating; when it's so gray and cold out, I feel like following her example and just sleeping until the sun comes back. Can't do that - I have to keep working to buy dog food!

Saturday, January 2, 2010

In Reply to Anonymous

We don't usually get a lot of comments here, so when we do, we pay attention! The latest one by "Anonymous" ("what is that even a pic of???") needs an answer, so here goes. December Door (last entry) started as a photograph of my dog's markings on the storm door, in response to whatever was going on outside. I let the marks accumulate until the patterns get interesting, and then I photograph close-ups of her "art". That's when my own art begins: in this particular one, I went over the actual marks with a stylus and tablet in PhotoShop, composed the work by cropping, and then experimented with different filters and colors until I was satisfied with the results. It is an "abstract" of something very real (marks on the door) which became something else entirely in the processing of making art. December Door is a handy title, since I photographed and created it in December, but the art is "about" lines and colors and the energy of its origins. Hope that clarifies the matter for "Anonymous"!

Now, about the comment before last - if anyone can translate the one on Winter Solstice, I'd be happy to respond to it! Sorry, but I only read English and a little French. By the way, Happy New Year to all, however you say it!