Wednesday, September 23, 2009

West Window September

Cassie made a really wild swoosh on the left window facing west - not her usual spot for viewing, since she prefers sitting on the other end of the couch top. I haven't been able to do much with it until now - just decided to go with dense black strokes and experiment with a new gradient background. Maybe still needs work, but I LIKE the black. It goes back to my student days, when using black paint straight from the tube was frowned upon (my instructors were still hung in NeoImpressionism). Well, I love its absoluteness and strength, and have used it in everything I've done since then - my rebellious streak showing through. I can see some interesting pendant material in this one, too! Be watching at Close Encounters - I'm working on new ones now.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Back to Serious Art Here! Scat, Cat!

OK - I was a little late, but the famous pickle recipe is now history. For a refresher course in how the art in this blog starts, check out "PiCassieO at Work" - see Cassie the Crackerdog in action! One of the works in the video is Scat, Cat! This is the updated version, with a new color palette. Funny- I really liked my "Herb" colors (check archives for the Herb series) when I first started using them, but fell out of love with them at some point and am redoing all of the art in that series - artistic evolution at work!

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Too Many Irons in the Fire!

I've been so busy with various other projects that "PiCassieO" has been on hiatus as far as producing any new work. Not Herb Anymore is an exception, although it really isn't exactly new: it was originally in my "Herb" series last year. After I wiped out all my custom gradients accidentally, the new ones I developed were so colorful that I decided to revisit some previous work that no longer pleased me. "Extreme Makeover" here - it's much, much better the second time around!

One thing occupying my time was closing our first Cafe Press store and opening a new one, Art by PiCassieO! , mentioned in my last post. Presently featured is our "I Love My Dog" design on a bunch of tees and assorted gift items. The heart comes from Storm Door, previously posted here. Looks great in print; below is the ceramic ornament version.
You know you need one of these! Or maybe two or three...nice gifts for dog lovers!