Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Milk Can (No Kidding!)

I'm like a kid in a candy store, here! That mark that Cassie made on the storm door is one of her best, so Ive been photographing it from every angle : against the walk, the porch rails and posts, and the old sewing machine (porch table, now) and milk can near the door, which is where this composition happened. Last week I developed a new gradient which worked great for Milk Can - I love the bright colors and the shapes that came out. It was so exciting that I couldn't wait to post it, but it needs a little more work with the stylus before I'll print it. So much fun!

Cassie is totally unimpressed - she still has toads and turtles on her mind, not art. She's also been enjoying doing duets with our new neighbor, Champion. It's OK except when they get to singing at midnight or early in the morning - then I'd like to gag both of 'em!

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