Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Pablo Had A Hand In This!

Pablo's Surprise really was unexpected: I was playing with the stylus again, and started with a really bad photo in which Cassie's marks were out of focus against a crepe myrtle in the yard. The leaf pattern was much too busy, so the intent was to draw over the marks, invert the image, and then erase what was left of the background. I intended to then fill the blank space with color. What I didn't realize was that my "eraser color" wasn't pure white, so when a gradient was applied, my eraser marks showed as random scribbles. It looked very "Picasso" to me; reminds me of the "Bullfighter" that appears in our "Daily Picasso" at the bottom of this column.

Be sure to check that feature today: my physical therapist would have her work cut out with the poor guy! Makes me hurt to look at him. Maybe that was the intention?

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