Thursday, April 23, 2009

Fired Up!

Wow - have I ever had a productive spurt here! After I cleaned the windows and door last week, Cassie was taking her time getting back to business, but once the deer made a reappearance, there was art on the glass again! For this one (Storm Door April, #1), I decided to angle the shot so her marks would be visible against the porch support for contrast. Since the mark was "ghostly" again, the stylus was used first to capture the strokes, and then I posterized it and applied my favorite custom gradient. I love the colors, especially that yellow! Cassie gives it her seal of approval (give her enough Goldfish and she'll approve anything!). Got at least three more to post, so stay tuned!

Now for a warning for all you dog people out there: do NOT visit a site called "Laurel Canyon Animal Company." Supposedly they make CDs of music for animals and people, and had a video on YouTube of a dog named Eliza Dolittle tearing up plastic bags, which were photographed and processed in a similar manner as "PiCassieO" art (not nearly as good!). BUT- their email is bogus, and the links section is full of attack sites. My firewall got me out of there, thank goodness. Just passing the word along - I hate to see the bad guys get their kicks at the expense of others.

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