Monday, April 25, 2011

The Ears Have It!

Our PiCassieO art is so colorful and unique that it lends itself to all kinds of decorative possibilities. The latest venture is earrings for the "bold of 'art" - great colors and interesting designs at a great price ($15 + 2.95 S&H). I only had four pairs made to see if the colors would be true - and the answer is YES! Unfortunately, the company is in Hong Kong (didn't know when I ordered) and unless I can find a stateside source there probably won't be anymore. One pair which featured my "Confetti" print (last post) is already sold - the other three are available at my website (click "Earrings") They are 1" button earrings with wires, and will make a great artsy fashion statement! Get 'em while they last!

Storm Door 3 Earrings by PiCassieO

Storm Door 2 Earrings by PicassieO

Under Water Earring by PiCassieO