Thursday, February 24, 2011

"Line Dance"

Line Dance © Beth Stafford 2011

Line Dance is my latest PiCassieO - to me it looked like a pair of dancers floating against a rainbow of colors. I like it so much that I reformatted it to use in my shoe designs on Zazzle .
Below is a sneak preview of my first Keds for kids featuring Line Dance. There are four other styles available for adults: Pro Keds Royal Hi, Pro Keds Royal Lo, Lace Up, and Mini Slip On.
The art was fun to make, and the shoes are fun to wear! Interested? Go to PiCassieO and check 'em out!

Are you creative? Zazzle is a fun place to use your photos or art on lots of things besides shoes. See for yourself:
Custom T-Shirts


Anonymous said...

VERY nice shoes!

ruca said...

Ola to you Cassie! I just want to say I'm liking what I've seen of your work so far. It's so good to see people appreciate how creative we dogs can be, no matter how we choose to make our marks. Do you make marks in any other way besides with your nose? I know for me, when I went from digging and making marks in the sand to using a pen, it was quite a revelation.