Wednesday, February 16, 2011

's Not Bad!

's Not Bad © Beth Stafford 2011

Don't know why, but these web images always seem to be darker that the original jpeg. I couldn't resist playing with words on the title, since if you've read how these images originate, you know what "medium" Cassie uses. Anyway, the more dignified title is Enigma Variation, since the two central marks are something of an enigma (and I like the music with the same name). The colors of the original are brilliant - not nearly as dark as they appear here.

I think I know what happened just before the marks were made on the door. Cassie and I have both been sneezing a lot lately. Last week she had a really explosive fit, right at the door, and somehow managed to leave a perfect print of her nostrils on it, with a little embellishment...I got a good laugh when I saw it. The background of mats and shadows was perfect for those two dramatic marks. So now you know.

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