Friday, February 13, 2009

Storm Door, February

I should call it Stormy Weather after the morning I've had! Absolutely NOTHING I've tried to do on this computer has worked, due to a bunch of snafus with Facebook and YouTube - and Blogger. There are bugs and glitches and gremlins everywhere - not my fault this time! For a while it looked like this blog was inaccessible, too - that was about the last straw. Really drove me to tears (no kidding).

Anyway, we're still making art, so life's not all bad (not by a longshot). Storm Door is another step in our artistic evolution: instead of trying for little detail in the background so Cassie's strokes would be isolated, I recently decided to use the objects outside as part of the composition. Most of my art before 2000 had a lot of straight lines in it, from buildings mostly. Then I got bored with the rigidity and switched to flowers and other organic shapes instead, and THEN Cassie took me beyond all that. And here I am, using lines again. I wonder, does this mean I'm going in circles?

All these technical difficulties have me running late - "Cassandra, Queen of the Universe" is needing a walk. I hear and obey.

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