Saturday, February 21, 2009

Spring Song

Time for a little change of pace - we're looking for spring here! Cassie has been working overtime on the east window while I've been trying to figure out Facebook and YouTube. I'd say her time has been spent better than mine has! Here's our latest effort: reminds me of warm days and perfumed air, coming soon! Not today, though; it's still chilly and windy out there.

Cassie went "crackerdog" while ago: there was a strange dog trotting through the yard. From the racket I thought it must be a deer out there! You can see her doing what she does best on our video (link in last entry), "PiCassieO At Work".

1 comment:

Poopsie aka Blue said...

That really does look Springlike.

It's mild here @ the moment but theres still little sign of Spring - found a solitary crocus yesterday but this time last year the daffodils were out.

Am now off the check out Cassie's @ work video.

Love,and Pats & pets