Monday, December 8, 2008

Winter Work

This odd one must be tied in to the short days and too-early-darkness. We've been unusually cold here for a long stretch, which is making me want to hibernate. Cassie is on the injured list; we had to pay another visit to the vet Friday and she'd had quite enough of that from the previous week, so she turned into a tap-dancing octopus when the tech attempted to take her temperature. Her back and hind legs are really sore and she's not her usual hyper-dog self, which sends me into hyper-worry mode. We both need a nice, sunny, WARM day to relax; if that's not possible I vote for sleeping until spring.

Back to the art: I actually like the extreme contrast between the background and the strokes, and the way the colors turned out. If I ever get more ink, this one should be really interesting in print.

Speaking of prints: they're still available at the lower price ($30)! Email me at to order. Oh yeah, while I'm advertising: don't forget our store at !

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Poopsie Blue said...

Hope Cassie is okay!

Love, pats & pets