Saturday, December 20, 2008

Winter Work 3

Here we go with another dark winter work, which I like anyway because of the rich, subtle colors. It just occurred to me that it's not even winter yet - yikes. Actually, the winter solstice is coming up Sunday, I think, which is cause for celebration since we start getting some of the light back. Assuming, that is, that the sun is still out there somewhere! That's a slight exaggeration of conditions here - we did get some glorious sun and wind yesterday to dry things out a little, but today we're damp and cloudy again. That's OK- there is finally a Christmas tree downstairs to decorate, which will warm the atmosphere considerably. I'm hoping Cassie and Pookie (the cat) will be on best behavior so that the tree will stay vertical.

About that Flip Mino I promised at : the design aspect is proving to be a challenge. I'm working on it - just keep checking!

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