Wednesday, December 24, 2008

About That Rice Bag....

Serves me right for thinking I could remember the measurements on that rice bag in the previous post. My apologies - the final measurement after sewing the sides should be 6" x 20", with 2 1/2 pounds of rice! Hey - it's not rocket science; you can make all sizes for different purposes and just use your own judgement as to how much rice it needs. Just test the final version in the microwave to gauge how long it takes to be comfortable without being too hot. So what does this have to do with art - not much, unless you're an artist who's short on cash. My last minute shopping plans went out the door when I got to the country store and they were closed for Christmas! So, I wound up at the Dollar Tree, got some great little frames for mini-PiCassieOs and some other fun stuff, and beat it for home to avoid any more traffic. The economy would really collapse if it depended on my Christmas spending. Now I need to work on rice bags and prints, so

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