Saturday, November 29, 2008

Dog at Work

Cassie has been hard at work at the east window again. The deer seem to be out there all the time now - including late last night, when I was noisily trying to shoo them away from the fence before letting Cassie out. Evidently they are too accustomed to me to be afraid - the biggest one came closer to the fence to check me out! Thier eyes are so big that the reflection off my flashlight beam looks like headlights out there. Finally they moseyed on out of range and Wild Dog could come out and roar for a while. This is the same dog that sent me further into bankruptcy Thanksgiving night when we made another visit to the Emergency Clinic (her tummy aches usually come on holidays). At this point she feels much better than I do!

Finally, I think I've figured out how to place the pictures! A real break-through for this technodoofus. Anyway, this is version two of the previous work, from the right corner of the window. It looks too dark at the moment, but I'm experimenting with the colors. Fun!


Poopsie Blue said...

love to hear about Cassie & her window watching the deer!

My prefeernces is the last posts colours - I had a title too but now I come to type can't remember it - dam!

Love, pats & pets

barb said...

Now if I send the snot that Sally and Rufus leave in a few days could you tell me if you can predict the future. Honestly, it is like a story, 6 feet wide, of course on the back window as they stare over their domain.