Sunday, November 9, 2008


As soon as this one took shape on the screen, it reminded me of a Chinese New Year dragon or some other mythic monster, writhing and spewing fire. It's been in the file and mostly forgotten until yesterday, when I watched a rerun of "NCIS" which had the Gibbs team on a spooky ship called Chimera. I remembered the "dragon" and decided to give it a name, so here it is in it's present form (subject to change when I have time to play with it).

Cassie and I had a game of tag with one of the does and her twins yesterday - what a hullabaloo! The babies ran off into the woods, but Mom decided to have a leisurely snack, oblivious to my baying, screaming dog. I had a real workout holding onto her, but finally got Cassie pointing back toward home. Unfortunately she kept looking back, and then the babies decided to come out and play in the road. I got dragged to the end of the road while the deer finally went into the woods; just as I thought the situation was under control, there they were again. No fear at all. It took about 20 minutes to get Cassie calmed down a little, at least enough to get her back on course in the other direction. We walked up to the paved road, a little reluctantly on Cassie's part; when we turned back her pace picked up - she was ready for another go at those critters! By then it was getting too dark to see well, and I got spooked by another "chimera" : just a glimpse of an unidentified something running by at the curve. That was enough for me; I told Cassie, "We're OUTA here!" I think she understands that phrase from some of our previous adventures, so we made it home PDQ. An unsuspecting friend is coming over to walk with us in a few minutes - she doesn't know yet that she's the designated deer shooer! Here's hoping for a peaceful walk (and no more chimeras!).


Poopsie Blue said...

Well I can certainly see the dragon, but then I'm a bit obssed with dragons @ the moment due to my eggs & lack of success hatching them - LOL!

Quite the adventure!
Can clearly see the scenario, as know what my Aire 'neice' Molly is like when shes catchs wind of another animal...

Moira said...

Hi Team PicassieO, I featured your awesome work on my blog Dog Art Today. Hope this brings lots of traffic and sales to your studios!