Monday, October 6, 2008

Sit! Stay!

Not in the mood for "serious" art today! This is another of those funny characters that appeared on the west window. At first I called it The Prophet, since it looked a little like a hooded figure warning of impending events. The texture and color in the background were appealing, even though they originated from bad cleaning on the outside of the window! Sometimes the transformations are truly amazing. Anyway, the quirky little figure seemed too whimsical to be prophetic, so it became a dog trainer instead. Cassie and I do "Sit, Stay" pretty well, for a few seconds! Sometime I'll have to go back and find a hilarious essay titled "What Sit Means to an Airedale".

Oh, yeah -in case you haven't visited yet, I need to put in a plug for our store ( ) . We now have three ornaments and some really wild pet bowls and baby bibs, in addition to all the other stuff. If you happen to go there and find all the print blacked out, try again in a little while. I hope to get everything organized into sections sometime this week, but there's a bug in the system that blacks out the print when changes are made, so the template has to be reset. Very aggravating, as is almost anything else involving a computer, but the end results look great!

Well, sometimes they look great. When I published this entry, it looked fine on the preview, but good grief- I apologize for the really loooong spacing up there - don't have a clue how to fix it, so it stays as is.

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