Thursday, October 9, 2008

Crazy Quilt

Back to new stuff: this came from Cassie's favorite window (the one with the blue chair in front of it, for her viewing pleasure), looking east towards the pear trees. I call it Crazy Quilt because it reminds me of that type of quilt, with bits and pieces of colorful cloth sewn together at random angles. The colors are brighter and more distinct in the printed version, but you get the idea. I like it so much that I'm using it on a bunch of new items in our store (yep - still pushing it!), including dog tees (are you 'dales out there listening?). I did design for many years, so this new venture is really a lot of fun for me, especially since most of the "PiCassieO" art can be resized without sacrificing the artistic quality. There are four or five different versions of Crazy Quilt, including one for a clock face which is really eye-popping. It'll probably show up there tomorrow if I have time to work on it, at .

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Blue said...

That is serious Autumnal colours...

Been a bit AWL.
So, sorry - late here!