Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Old Friend, New Directions

First, the old friend - this lovely "Mommie Deerest" sent Cassie into a hissy-fit last week as she sampled the pears in the side yard. I sent "The Mouth" upstairs, grabbed my camera, and went outside to find the doe casually strolling through the wooded area at the front. She struck a pose and let me get close to take her picture, and then walked across the road and disappeared. I keep waiting for her to come back with at least one baby. The day before, another doe appeared with twins! They were playing around like big puppies - a joy to watch. Good thing we have enough pears to share, unless the groundhogs get greedy.

Now for new directions: with all the wildlife hanging around, Cassie's nose is taking a beating on that east window. She is keeping me supplied with art out the wazoo. These new ones were obviously from the same photo; I was experimenting with different techniques, starting with a black and white version that I really liked. In the last one, I pulled up "Cassie's Nose Garden" and used the colors on the new one. Can't remember now exactly how I got those colors in the first place, but the combination pleases me.

Well, wouldn't you know, the upload won't work now and I'm out of time. Tune in later, maybe the glitch will be fixed and you can see the work. It also won't let me change the font - grrr....

1 comment:

Blue said...

How wonderful to have such wildlife so close to hand.
I've lots of apple fallings but sadly not even a squirrel ventures into my town garden.

Obviously, the doe inspires Cassie too.

Best wishes, pats & pets