Saturday, September 20, 2008

Found It!

This is Rising, which is what I meant to post the last time. It has either an airy appearance or an underwater effect; I can't quite decide. The colors were a surprise - sort of fall-like, around here anyway. It should be lovely in print, when I get more ink!

Cassie is having a "fuss-budget" day - I think it's insect-related. We either have a UFC (Unidentified Flying Creature) in here, or the fleas are driving her nuts! This time of year is the worst for those little pests. She probably doesn't have more than three on her entire body (I've only seen one); that's enough to make her miserable. I don't like to use pesticides on her but am about ready to drag out the spray. It seems like using a sledge hammer to hit a fly, but you do what you have to.

1 comment:

Johann The Dog said...

OMD! This is amazing art! What a great idea...I love this one; green is my thing. Thanks for stopping by my Squidoo lens.

Woofs, Johann