Monday, September 1, 2008

Black Web

Here's a new version of Totally Fauve: in my other life as a painter, I love to use black in most of my work, because in art school where there should have been few "rules", it was frowned upon to use BLACK (not neo-impressionist enough). After I graduated, I used it with regularity. It prints beautifully - velvety and mysterious.

Here we go again - we survived fireworks season, and now it's hunting season. Last Labor Day weekend, it was three straight days of shotguns nearby, and Cassie and I wound up at the Emergency Clinic again: stressed-out dog with an upset tummy. It's a little quieter this time - maybe the doves have wised up and gone elsewhere. Cassie is nevertheless reluctant to go out for a walk. Too bad, because the weather is finally nice after more than a week of hot stickiness. I actually bought her some earplugs, which we're going to try in a few minutes! I decided after lunch that it was just too pleasant to stay inside, so I went out to check on my boat and then tackled the neglected flower beds. In less than 20 minutes out there, I managed to cut my finger and got stung by a couple of wasps, so I lost my enthusiasm for fresh air and came in. Now it's time to go out there again, with a throbbing hand and a "chicken" dog, and hunters all around. Ah, country living....

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Blue said...

Poor you & Cassie!

The duck hunting season must be tough on you both - hope the flocks fly quickly over on their migration South.

Best wishes, pats & pets