Friday, October 19, 2007


This is one of Cassie's most "painterly" works; I should be so free with my strokes. It was down in the corner of the den window, done during a period when we were having plenty of rain and lots of wildlife traipsing through the yard at night. If this drought doesn't end soon, Cassie's art may dry up as well. She's just not getting inspired since there's not usually anything large enough to get her attention out there.
There is some mysterious activity in the grass, however. The past few nights, my flashlight has picked up these brilliant, glowing, unidentified eyes, staring back at Cassie and me. They blink occasionally and move around a little. The first time I saw them, there were only two pairs and I thought they might be mice or shrews or some other tiny animal. Last night, I decided to check the other side of the yard where the septic tank lines run, and discovered the grass was full of those little diamond eyes! Definitely not that many small beasties in one spot - I think it's some kind of insect. Tonight I have to decide whether to take a trip outside the fence to get acquainted. Not exactly sure I want to do that, but I probably should check 'em out before they decide to come inside the fence!

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