Tuesday, October 9, 2007


This one came from a period of intense activity at the front door. The first version had some strong color, but the forms were mostly blobs due to my processing. The more I work with these images, the more I discover in the way of possibilities; this one rated a double "Wow!" when it appeared. Now, if I can just make myself get in the habit of writing down the steps...but I don't want to get into a formula approach, since what works for one image doesn't necessarily work for another.

The weather is so dry here that most of the wildlife that inspires Cassie has temporarily disappeared, though a box turtle was seen last week beating it through the "desert" on the east side of our yard. I had to go out and assist it to the woods so Cassie would stop shrieking. Turtles really make her crazy.

As for the "angel", it would be nice to think that we have one of those watching over the front door. Just wait for the Halloween special that came from the east window - not going out there at night any more!

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