Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Creature from the Green Lagoon

Don't ask me how Cassie did this one! It's sort of like a fish, and sort of like a snake. Maybe I should be more careful in the yard, if she indeed paints what she sees.

She does some of her best work at night. Before we go out for our bedtime "constitutional" I have to check the fenced area in the back for stray rabbits and reptiles and other critters that might have wandered in, so Cassie sits in her favorite chair in front of the living room window to see what's out there. Sometimes I hear her "critter" bark and will hear her hit the window, which usually means there'll be some interesting art to see in the morning. If she really wants out, she'll come to the dining room window and chew on the sill to get my attention. Over the years Cassie has worn her bottom incisors to nubs, chewing that sill. She just can't wait to get out there and bite toads and chase rabbits through the fence!

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