Saturday, September 15, 2007

About "PiCassieO"

My Airedale Cassie had been painting the windows for years before I finally became aware of her talent. One sunny afternoon last year I was looking out one of her favorite "canvases" upstairs and was amazed at what she'd done with that big nose of hers! There were graceful spirals, swirls, and waves that were beautifully free and well-executed, all in response to whatever she saw outside. I finally figured out how to get the images on paper (good digital camera and Photoshop) and have been playing with "PiCassieO" works for some time now. Her "brushwork" is a real marvel: how does she make those lovely marks with her nose? It's always a treat to see what she'll do next! She paints with a joy and freedom that I envy. It is a privilege to be her interpreter.
The work above received the title "Cosmic Event" at first. Then I decided that "Cosmic Surfer" was more like it. Probably Cassie would call it "Panda's in the Yard Again!".

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