Tuesday, September 20, 2016

"Far Away"

It is almost four years since my buddy Cassie died, but I am still working with her. She got hurt in 2011 and couldn't walk up the stairs for a couple of weeks, so we camped out on the first floor. She still had her favorite vantage points to see what was happening outside, but the marks she made on the door were more suggestive to me of a prisoner marking off days on a wall. I called the original print "Crossing Off" and had two color versions of it - an OK but not outstanding print. I have been working with new palettes and filters this year and thought it would be fun to rework some of the older ones. Wow - fun! "Crossing Off" really popped and became "Far Away", because the new shapes and colors created a fantasy landscape of sorts, someplace far away. 

Back to that summer - Cassie got really tired of the arrangement downstairs, and about 10 days into our 2-week recuperation she marched up the stairs when I forgot to block them - wasn't long before she was napping on the bed and couch and looking out the window again. She was one happy girl!

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