Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Orange Spot Rides Again!

Orange Spot, the painting
Acrylic on panel, 7" x 5", by Beth Stafford (aka PiCassieO)

Remember Orange Spot from a while back? Probably not - but it is one of three paintings that came from the print I call Singer & Door. That orange spot area is fascinating to me for some reason; I keep going back for more. I really liked the pendant that resulted from it, too. Then I stumbled on yet another technique for making those mini works of art - Orange Spot is spectacular as a foil-backed pendant with the new handmade glass I'm using!

Orange Spot, the OOAK pendant
(.875" x .875", digital art & handmade glass pendant, by PiCassieO)

FYI: OOAK = One Of A Kind. No two of these foil pendants turn out the same! This pendant will be listed soon on Etsy at our store for $30 plus S & H. There are more there right now if you'd like to browse! As for the painting, it's part of a project that I'm calling 50 / 50 - fifty 5" x 7" paintings for $50 each (plus S & H). Not for sale anywhere but here at the moment - contact me if interested!

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