Sunday, April 11, 2010

Boots: "Real" Abstraction

I always have a hard time dealing with the term "abstract art", since in my mind it's all abstract. The latest PiCassieO Boots is absolutely representational in that it came from a photo of Cassie's marks on the door and the ancient Singer on the porch beyond which is a rack for my dad's old boots. I knew when I shot the photo that I wanted to use the background in a prominent way because of the strong shadow patterns and lines made by the boots. What at first seems like random strokes and color patches takes recognizable shape if you keep looking. This is a good example of "representational abstraction" - totally based on reality, but distilled to the essence of that reality rather than factual description of it. Just wait until I finish Cassie Does Pollock - then we'll get into "nonrepresentational abstraction" (but there's still room for argument there).

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