Friday, November 27, 2009


Look hard at the photo - do you see the dog? Normally we don't use a tablecloth for meals, so when we do (like at Thanksgiving) Cassie has a little trouble getting in position for handouts.

Enough subtlety - gotta see the food!

Tablecloth diving did wonders for the hairdo! We had a great dinner, and a nice day (except for that surprise thunderstorm that came in with a boom!), and hope y'all did too! Cassie is now snoozing peacefully in the sun, and I have some new photos of her current art to play with. One big thing I am thankful for: that someone else who loved her had the good sense to give her up to an Airedale Rescue group, so she could come and live with me! Thank you to all those wonderful people out there who help dogs like Cassie - we love you!

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