Saturday, March 21, 2009

Back in Action!

Hot off the Wacom tablet! Cassie does so much "brushwork" that won't show up when I start filtering (not to mention claw marks and other
refinements). I decided to try the stylus over a lightly filtered photo to capture the marks and scratches on this one, then filtered more, used one of my custom gradients, and finally used the stylus again to add color and more lines. It opens all sorts of new possibilities!

One of Cassie's favorite tricks, when she was a bit younger, was to bang on the window with her front paws for added emphasis. I expected the window to break on many occasions, but it never did. She has scratched the glass - guess there was grit under her claws that did it. Evidently from this photo, she can still do it when she gets sufficiently riled!

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