Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Primary Colors 2

This is one of those images that won't come across on the web anywhere near what I'm seeing on paper here. I am well aware that anyone with the right technology can make a passable version of anything I post here, but keep in mind the concept of "artistic vision". You won't actually get the real thing unless it comes from me. So there. Oh, yeah, while I'm on my soapbox - since each of my prints are done individually on demand, even though there may be 50 "copies", there are bound to be variations which give them uniqueness. Lose a pixel here, change a color there, but each is lovely to look at! Trust my eyes to give you the absolute best.

Cassie is back at work on the windows again. It's been so hot here that most of the wildlife is hiding, but last night a lone deer strolled around the edge of the woods and she went into full-blown red alert, roaring through the house from window to window and really raising Cain, while my mom was on the phone. Bad timing.

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Blue said...

Hi again - sorry for not being back before...
Now, I was wondering if you'd allow me to display one of Cassie's pieces on my blog with full credit & PLUG to you of course.
Want to put it in my side bar so it would be on display daily.
I'm sooo taken with the beautiful Serendipity blue / green piece posed in May.

Please email me @

Pats & pets to Cassie
Best wishes