Saturday, April 19, 2008

"Where the Snow Hides"

This was one of the first "PiCassieO"s, but it's still one of my favorites. Not exactly seasonal around here, though, since yesterday was in the 80's. There was a turtle cruising by the back yard this morning, so Cassie should be having some fun at those windows soon! I'm not sure what it is about those critters that makes her so crazy - probably they're just so slow they stay in view longer.
Anyway, there is a story connected with "Snow" that departs from the usual. A friend of mine was getting work for an art auction at her church. It happened that the study for the month was on the book of Job (in the Bible). The challenge was to match some of my dog art to an appropriate scriptural reference from Job. Not so hard, really, since there are so many passages about nature, including one about "where the snow hides". A perfect match, here.

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