Monday, November 12, 2007

Six Deer on Monday!

We finally got some rain, so the deer have suddenly reappeared in abundance. There were six of 'em parading up the side yard last Monday so Cassie had a very productive session at the window. It's a wonder her nose wasn't swollen, she banged it on the glass so much! The parade consisted of three does and three spotless fawns. The last doe was limping; later I found out that my neighbor heard a commotion previously and then the cable TV wouldn't work. When he checked his dish (mounted on one of our pasture fence posts), he discovered that it had been knocked askew, so we figured that the gimpy deer had gotten tangled in the fence there.

The rain also brought out a box turtle, who decided to call at the front, so Cassie has been painting the storm door heavily, too. More from that, later.

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